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Hi, I’m Keith, owner of KWH design, inc. I strive to make each project a success story for all parties involved, especially the homeowner.

Construction projects are a team effort that requires the dedication, involvement and cooperation of all the stakeholders.

The following testimonials showcase some of our best projects that were successful because we worked hard to solve challenging design problems, satisfy demanding clients and keep punishing schedules.

At KWH design your project is as important to us as it is to you. Experience the difference of dedicated teamwork and use KWH design inc. on your next home improvement project.


“...Keith showed himself to have two important talents : a meticulous attention to detail and a sympathy for the character of old house... ”

-Mike & Melissa

“We were thrilled how everything turned out!”

-Sandra and James

“...Our addition is almost complete and it is exactly what we wanted!  Thanks Keith”

-Mary and Frank Furber

“...Keith is very easy to talk to and able to discuss different options... ...Most importantly he LISTENS!!!!  “


- Neil